Playing the machine King Cachalot through a mirror Uptown Aces Casino

If you are counting on another dive into the underwater world, you are deeply mistaken. Despite the clearly “marine” name, the video slot King Cachalot from Microgaming has nothing to do with landscapes and cartoons about all sorts of Mermaids.

Casino Mirror Uptown Aces and features of the new slot machine

Slot machine King Cachalot play in which you can through the mirror casino Uptown Aces, has 5 reels and a total of 9 pay lines, but they have as much as 32 winning combinations, which, you must agree, quite a lot. There is also a progressive jackpot, however, to get it is very, very difficult.

So, if not the underwater world, then what?

Surprisingly, a fantasy Middle Ages: Jesters, Kings, Knights, beautiful Ladies and Girls and of course Dragons. And also for some reason Puddings, Turkeys, Fruit and other dishes – none other than from the royal table. All this is available to play through the mirror at uptown aces casino site.


In general, the video slot, which you can play through the mirror casino Uptown Aces, is based on paradoxes. For example, the “wild” symbol of the game is not the Jester (Joker), as one might think, but the King. He is able to replace any other, except for the “scattered” – Jester and Dragon, completing the combination to the winning and thus increasing its value by half. A roll of five Kings on a line one through eight gives you a big win of 15,000 coins. If the Kings take the entire ninth line, you get the progressive jackpot. True, you’ll have to play at the maximum bet to do so.

Symbols of slot

Since there are two “scatter” symbols in this slot machine, they of course differ in their meaning. First, let’s talk about the Jester. The Jester – he exists to amuse people. So winnings when several of these symbols appear on the screen are ridiculous: within three of your bets. Nice, of course, but not much. Although, where does Jester get his money? A dragon and his treasures!

Dragon is the second “scatter” symbol of video slot King Cachalot. To get to his treasury, which will open on an additional screen, you have to wait for a happy moment when the image of this mythical lizard appears on the three middle reels simultaneously. The rest is simple: you choose the chests and win. The game ends the moment you open the empty chest. True, there are some subtleties. First, the higher your bet, the more coins will lie in the chests. Second, you can end the game even earlier. The treasury has an infinite number of rooms with chests, and in each room you will have three attempts to find the chest with the maximum number of coins. After passing one room you can continue the prize game, or you can finish at this point and return to the main screen.

As you spin the slot machines, all risk aficionados who choose this institution will receive bonus funds. And the first bonus will be received by a newcomer to the online establishment after he or she has topped up his or her balance for the first time. These are just cool conditions. Also, ltc online casino will gift all its guests with freespins. The gamer is not risking money playing in paid mode, and the reels rotate and bring you winnings if the winning symbols fall out.


It is possible to win jackpot in this online institution with the best online machines. But to achieve this goal gamblers need to be active. All you will succeed, just come here more often, and luck will be kind to you. There will be a question, immediately contact the staff Uptown Aces, working in support. The answer gamers will get immediately. It is easy to withdraw the currency taken in the process of playing the slot machines. All that is required is to write a request. About the online gambling house Uptown Aces all write good reviews, after reading which each of you will know that this institution is honest, and that here the best conditions.

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